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Scientific topics: Genomics 

Methods for rare-variant association analysis

Rare variants contribute to development of familial cancer.  Genes carrying rare variants may contribute to molecular mechanisms of sporadic cancers.  Historically, many of the rare variants were discovered by co-segregation with the disease in cancer families.  However, recent progress in...

Scientific topics: Genomics

Resource type: Recorded webinar

Mouse strains in Ensembl

Ensembl not only provides up-to-date annotation of the mouse reference genome assembly, but also allows you to browse the genomes of 16 other mouse strains.

This webinar will consist of a short presentation that will describe the origin of the data, followed by a demonstration on how to use...

Scientific topics: Animal study, Genetics, Genomics, Genotype and phenotype

Resource type: Recorded webinar

An introduction to WormBase ParaSite resources

WormBase ParaSite is a sub-portal of the main WormBase website and is designed for researchers working on parasitic worm genomics. It provides genome sequence, genome browsers, semi-automatic annotation and comparative genomics data for approximately one hundred species, plus a number of other...

Scientific topics: Genomics, Parasitology

Resource type: Recorded webinar

The Ensembl Rapid Release genome browser

This webinar will introduce you to the data available in the Ensembl Rapid Release site, a new, lightweight genome browser designed to allow quick release of the latest genome annotation for a large number of vertebrate and non-vertebrate species.

Scientific topics: Genomics

Resource type: Recorded webinar

ArrayExpress in BioStudies

ArrayExpress is a collection in the BioStudies database for functional genomics data. This quick tour will walk you through how datasets are stored in ArrayExpress and will teach you how to effectively search for and retrieve data.

Scientific topics: Functional genomics, Genomics

Resource type: e-learning

Functional genomics I

This online course will give you an introduction to functional genomics. We will introduce you to different types of functional genomics studies and discuss best practices when designing your own experiments. We will also explore some examples of how functional genomics is being applied to drug...

Scientific topics: Functional genomics, Gene expression, Genomics

Keywords: Introduction, Gramene database, Designing functional genomics experiments

Resource type: e-learning

Jan Pačes - SARS-CoV-2: Lectures from Evolutionary Biology

Jan Pačes, Institute of Molecular Genetics of the CAS, ELIXIR CZ

SARS-CoV-2: lectures from evolutionary biology

What has actually happened in the last two years? Let's find out what virus sequencing and mutation tracking brought us for information about the course of the pandemic from an...

Scientific topics: Genomics

Keywords: covid19, Genomics, evolution

Cloud-SPAN Prenomics

Prenomics prepares learners for the Cloud-SPAN Genomics course. It teaches the basics of command-line programming, including: (1) file directory structure, (2) use of command-line utilities to connect to and use cloud computing and storage resources and (3) basic shell commands for file...

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics, Software engineering, Genomics

Operations: Query and retrieval, Data handling

Keywords: Cloud computing, Shell, Command line, Amazon Web Services, genomics, HPC, Data analysis, bioinformatics

Resource type: course materials, online course, Training materials

The essentials of DUO codes

The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) offers permanent archiving and sharing of all types of personally identifiable genetic and phenotypic data from research projects and healthcare studies.

During this webinar, the speaker will:
- Introduce the audience to...

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics, Genomics

Keywords: bioinformatics, Genomics

Resource type: Video, Presentation

Introduction to the EGA and its Ecosystem of Tools

The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) is a resource for archiving of all types of potentially identifiable genetic, phenotypic, and clinical data resulting from biomedical research projects. Its mission is to foster hosted data reuse, enable reproducibility, and...

Scientific topics: Genomics, Bioinformatics

Keywords: e-learning, bioinformatics, Genomics

Resource type: Video

Compartición, análisis y almacenamiento de datos genómicos con RD-Connect GPAP y EGA

El Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (CNAG-CRG) y la European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA) organizan un curso práctico sobre el uso de herramientas para compartir y analizar datos genómicos en el marco del proyecto VEIS - Valorización de EGA para la Industria y la Sociedad.

En el primer...

Scientific topics: Genomics, Database management, Data integration and warehousing

Resource type: Video

This training is meant specifically for the “Galaxy @Sciensano” that is available at and serves two purposes. First, it serves as an introduction in how to handle and employ the Galaxy instance hosted by Sciensano. Secondly, is also serves as a tutorial into both the...

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics, Public health and epidemiology, Genomics, Sequencing, Microbiology

Resource type: Video, Tutorial

PanelApp Reviewer’s Guide

PanelApp ( is a database for gene panels for use in disease diagnosis that enables crowdsourcing of expert reviews. This guide provides background, evidence guidelines and a tutorial of how to use the review tool in PanelApp to provide your expert review of...

Scientific topics: Genomics, Rare diseases

Keywords: Gene lists, Genomics, human disease, Biocuration

Resource type: knowledgebase

How to install and deploy Beacon

This is an online tutorial where you can learn how to install the Beacon application and "light a beacon" (i.e. deploy the Beacon application) on your data.

The tutorial is hosted on the ELIXIR-SI eLearning Platform (EeLP). The main part of the tutorial are learning materials with...

Scientific topics: Genomics

Keywords: genomics, open access, eLearning, EeLP

Resource type: Video, Manual, Slides, Installation instructions

RNA-seq data analysis using Chipster

Materials from the ELIXIR tutorial “RNA-seq data analysis using Chipster”, Jan 31, 2017

Scientific topics: Genomics, Transcriptomics

Keywords: transcriptomics, RNA-Seq, eLearning, EeLP

Resource type: course materials, Training materials, Slides, Video

ELIXIR TtR course: Basic genomics using advanced analysis tools

Materials from the ELIXIR workshop “ELIXIR TtR course: Basic genomics using advanced analysis tools”, Nov 5-6 2018 at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Scientific topics: Genomics

Keywords: Galaxy, training, Genomics, eLearning, EeLP

Resource type: course materials, Training materials, Slides

Hands-on workshop in Marine Metagenomics

Materials from the ELIXIR workshop “Hands-on workshop in Marine Metagenomics”, Nov 26-30 2018 at the Arctic University of Norway, Tromso, Norway

Scientific topics: Genomics, Metagenomics, Marine biology

Keywords: Marine Metagenomics, eLearning, EeLP

Resource type: course materials, Training materials, Slides

How to install and load the Identifier Mapping Service with data needed for gene-to-variant and variant-to-gene

Tutorial describing how a BridgeDb Identifier Mapping Database (IMS) service can be started and used for gene-variant mapping. It explains how to download the IMS Docker and identifier mapping databases (link sets), load the link sets, and test the web interface.

Scientific topics: Genetic variation, Genomics

Keywords: ELIXIR RIR, BridgeDb

Resource type: Tutorial

R for Genomics

R is an open source programming/scripting language.

  • Inspired by the programming language S.
  • Useful for statistics and data science.
  • Superior like commercial alternatives (over 7,000 user contributed packages at this time).
  • Widely used both in academia and industry.
  • Available on...

Scientific topics: Genomics

Keywords: IBERS, Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences