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Scientific topics: Data visualisation 

3DBionotes COVID-19 Structural Hub: A Central Resource for Validation Information and Refined Models

Poster presented at the 21st European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB 2022), celebrated in Sitges, Spain, 12-21 September 2022.

Scientific topics: Data mining, Data integration and warehousing, Data visualisation, Structural biology

Keywords: covid-19, Structural biology, Protein models, electron microscopy, data annotation, Web Services (5596), Quality Validation, Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Resource type: Poster

WORKSHOP: R: fundamental skills for biologists

This record includes training materials associated with the Australian BioCommons workshop ‘R: fundamental skills for biologists’. This workshop took place over four, three-hour sessions on 1, 8, 15 and 22 June 2022.

Event description

Biologists need data analysis skills to be able to...

Scientific topics: Data architecture, analysis and design, Data visualisation

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Analysis, Statistics, R software, RStudio, Data visualisation

RDF Schema and Data Visualization

RDF Schema and Data Visualization is a training that was developed in the context of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) initiative and is part of a series of trainings centered around the [SPHN Interoperability...

Scientific topics: Computer science, Data management, FAIR data, Medical informatics, Data visualisation

Operations: Query and retrieval, Data handling, Data retrieval, Visualisation, Ontology visualisation

Keywords: Clinical data, SPARQL, Data visualization, RDF, Knowledge graph, GraphDB, Mock data

Resource type: Video, Training materials, Mock data, E-learning

Cytoscape stringApp exercises

Hands-on exercises using the stringApp for Cytoscape to retrieve molecular networks from the STRING and STITCH databases.

The exercises will teach you how to:

  • retrieve...

Scientific topics: Data visualisation, Proteomics, Protein interactions, Molecular interactions, pathways and networks, Bioinformatics

Scientific Figure Design

This course provides a practical guide to producing figures for use in reports and publications. It is a wide ranging course which looks at how to design figures to clearly and fairly represent your data, the practical aspects of graph creation, the allowable manipulation of bitmap images and...

Scientific topics: Data visualisation

Keywords: Figure design, Babraham Institute