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Scientific topics: Data security 

Finding and using publicly available data Q&A session

This Q&A (question and answer) webinar will provide an opportunity for anyone who has completed ‘Finding and using publicly available data: A curated set of online courses’ to join some of EMBL-EBI's experts and ask their own questions. This session will focus on biocuration, open data, and...

Scientific topics: Data security, Database management

Resource type: Recorded webinar

Data protection and security aspects of running simulations on personal data with HPC

When processing health and genetic data in High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, researchers must consider the application of research ethics principles as well as the General Data Protection Regulation, including issues of identifiability, duties of confidentiality and security, and...

Scientific topics: Computer science, Data security, Personalised medicine

Resource type: Recorded webinar

Practicalities of data handling

Slides for the "Practicalities of data handling" session of the "Research Data Management and Stewardship Training" held regularly by ELIXIR-Luxembourg.

Scientific topics: Data security, Data acquisition, Data management

Operations: Data handling

Keywords: data encryption, data protection, setup, checksums, Data transfer, Data storage, data organisation

Resource type: Presentation

Data security and encryption

  1. Data security
  2. Encryption
  3. Passwords

Scientific topics: Data security, Data management

Keywords: data encryption

Resource type: Presentation