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Keywords: data sharing 

RDMbites | How to write a data sharing agreement between collaborators

How to write a data sharing agreement between collaborators

Keywords: data stewardship, data sharing, sensitive data

Resource type: Video

RDMbites | How to write a data sharing agreement for public use of data

How to write a data sharing agreement for public use of data

Keywords: data sharing, sensitive data

Resource type: Video

From Swab to Server: Testing, Sequencing, and Sharing During a Pandemic

Discover how sample strategies can affect scientific research and results:
Sampling is a critical part of research in any field. In studying a disease such as Covid-19, it’s imperative that your sample and sampling methods are best-suited to reflect accurate results.

Supported by expert...

Keywords: metadata, Sequencing, genomics, Genomic data, data quality, scientific quality assurance, data sharing, ethics, data ethics, public health, coronavirus, sars-cov-2, covid-19, data linkage

Resource type: FREE online course

Using the Norwegian e-infrastructure for Life Science and

The topic is on how you can use NeLS ( to store and share data, and to run analyses via customisable analysis workflows in You will practice on transferring data between NeLS and, and to construct and run a complete sequence analysis workflow in...

Keywords: NeLS, Data storage, data sharing, Data analysis

FAIR data - Module 4 (share and publish data)

Partager et diffuser les données. Le cadre juridique, les entrepôts et les licences sur les données

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics, Biology, Data management

Keywords: data sharing, Data publishing, legal framework, data warehouse, licensing, data reuse

Resource type: Slides

FAIR data - Module 3 (Metadata)

Les Métadonnées : les standards du domaine des données omiques en biologie et séances pratiques d’annotations de jeux de données

Scientific topics: Bioinformatics, Biology, Data management

Operations: Data handling

Keywords: metadata, data annotation, life science standards, data sharing

Resource type: Slides

Plant Phenotyping Data managment (MIAPPE)

This training material has been used in a two-day training workshop on data management organized by Elixir and the Wheat Initiative.

It provides an overview of current practices and methods for plant phenotyping data standardization, and how to deal with the variability and heterogeneity...

Scientific topics: Phenomics, Plant biology, Data management

Operations: Annotation, Formatting

Keywords: Plant Phenotyping, Data-format, data sharing

Resource type: Training materials

Why share your data?

Presented in two parts, this webinar will explore the value of sharing your data from an institutional and researcher perspective.

Our first speaker, Ewan Birney, is one of the directors of EMBL-EBI. He speaks about how the growth in data over the past decade has changed the way that we...

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: data sharing

Resource type: Video

Helis Academy - Data Sharing, publishing and archiving

Basic knowledge of:
o Know what a repository is
o Characteristics of Data Sharing, Archiving and Publishing
o Knowledge of major platforms for Sharing, Archiving and Publishing

Hands on experience:
o Dataverse possibilities for sharing and publishing
o Designing requirements digital...

Keywords: data sharing, Data publishing, data archiving, data repositories, data management

Resource type: Slides

FAIR Data Stewardship - Data sharing, archiving and publishing

In this workshop we focus on three aspects of FAIR data stewardship: Data sharing, publishing and archiving. Many scientists have an insufficient overview over data services, roles and their responsibilities towards safe data sharing, archiving and publishing. Shedding light on these roles helps...

Keywords: Data Life Cycle, FAIR, data management, data stewardship, data repositories, data sharing, data publication

Resource type: Slides, Training materials