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How to use Python and R with RDF Data

How to use Python and R with RDF Data is a training that was developed in the context of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) initiative and is part of a series of trainings centred around the [SPHN Interoperability...

Scientific topics: Medical informatics, FAIR data, Data management, Computer science

Operations: Data retrieval, Data handling, Query and retrieval

Keywords: Clinical data, SPARQL, Query data, RDF, Knowledge graph, Python, R, GraphDB

Resource type: Video, Training materials, Mock data, E-learning

Statistics with RStudio

Introduction to statistics with R

Keywords: R

Statistics with R

The aim of this course is to teach you how to perform basic statistical analysis using R. First we review the foundations (sampling theory, discrete and continuous distributions), then we focus on classical hypothesis testing. This course will improve your generic statistics knowledge....

Scientific topics: Statistics and probability

Keywords: Biostatistics, R

Working with Affymetrix CEL files in R

This tutorial shows how to download some public Affymetrix microarray data, load the data into R, calculate expression values and do some very simple plotting

Keywords: Affymetrix, Microarrays, R

Simple plotting in R

This quick and simple tutorial demonstrates some of the easy plotting tools in the R core software.
the data are in the "data" directory and come from an old two-colour microarray experiment where spots on the array were printed with different buffers, in different concentrations and with...

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Microarray data analysis, Plotting data, R, Visualisation

Flow Cytometry 2013 Module 2 - Exploring FCM data in R

Loading a single or groups of FCS files into R

    flowFrame and flowSet objects and their attributes

    Exploring sample annotation and keywords stored within the FCS file format, searching for specic samples (such as controls) using grep, highlighting the importance of correct sample annotation...

Keywords: Fcs files, Plotting data, R