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Containers & Workflow pipelines workshop

The first day (20 May 2021) is dedicated to Containers (Docker & Singularity) which are great tools for code portability and reproducibility of your analysis. You will learn how to use containers and how to build a container from scratch, share it with others and how to re-use and modify...

Keywords: Containers, Nextflow

Resource type: Training materials

Introduction to Nextflow workshop

workshop materials (mainly) in DSL2 aiming to get familiar with the Nextflow syntax by explaining basic concepts and building a simple RNAseq pipeline. Highlights also reproducibility aspects with adding containers (docker & singularity). Slides available...

Scientific topics: Workflows

Keywords: Nextflow, DSL2

Resource type: Presentation, course materials

Introduction to Protein Structure Analysis

This training session will provide the basics of protein structure determination and how this information is stored in databases. We will explore and search in online databases containing protein structure information. With the aid of the Yasara View program we will visualize the structure....

Operations: Visualisation

Keywords: Protein structure visualisation

Resource type: e-learning

Reproducible data analysis with RStudio, github and Rmarkdown

Best practices for writing reproducible data-analysis
Creating a reproducible and re-usable data-analysis environment with Rstudio

Scientific topics: Data management, Data architecture, analysis and design

Keywords: Data analysis

Resource type: Presentation

Valorisation and intellectual properties in research data management

Valorisation and IP

  • Basics of Tech Transfer and IPR from an academic perspective
  • Insights as to:
    • Why is it important when handling and managing research data?
    • How do IP rights fit in FAIR data principles
    • When to safeguard data for proprietary protection?
    • Where/how...

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: intellectual property protection

Resource type: Presentation

Preserve, publish and share your data

  • why preserve data
  • what data should be preserved
  • how share data
  • where to deposit your data
  • Fairsharing, re3data
  • ELIXIR Core Resources
  • Data Formats
  • Generic archives

Scientific topics: Data management, Data submission, annotation, and curation

Keywords: data formats, ELIXIR Core resources, FAIR data submission

Resource type: Presentation

Reusing existing data

  • how to find existing data (OmicsDI, pubmed, BioStudies, Google Data search, Data Management Hub)
  • licenses
  • datasets as first-class research products
  • research software as first-class research products
  • data citations

Scientific topics: Data management

Keywords: data licenses, software licenses, data journal

Resource type: Presentation

Research Data Management in Life Sciences

The content provided via this link was used in the training on 9 and 10 November 2020 organized by Ghent University and Elixir Belgium and VIB in collaboration with Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland:

Scientific topics: Data management

Resource type: Presentation, Vignette, Video

Data Management and Writing a Data Management Plan

Writing a Data Management Plan

A good data management plan is crucial for any scientist and researcher. In this course, you will learn how to write one. You will find out how you can prepare, handle and share your research data.

Scientific topics: Data management

Resource type: e-learning


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