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SPARQL endpoints at BiGCaT

Lecture discussing the SPARQL endpoints provided by the Maastricht Universty Dept. of Bioinformatics, BiGCaT.

Keywords: WikiPathways, AOP-Wiki, ChEMBL, SPARQL, chemistry, cheminformatics

SPARQLing Biology: a Beginners Course

The workshop was covering the whole range of Semantic Approaches developed and used at the Department of Bioinformatics at Maastricht University (BiGCaT). The setting was alternating between introductory presentations and hands on exercises starting with more general questions like “what is a...

Keywords: SPARQL, RDF, biology, ontology

ELN basics training materials

Under the subtitle “Getting into using ELNs for experimental and computational workflows”, participants learned how to establish a workflow using Scinote-based electronic lab notebooks. It started with an introduction to the Scinote inventory and continues with hands-on instructions on how to...

Resource type: Presentation, hackathon

Jaqpot Hackathon - Training materials

Under the subtitle “Take your research from the bench to the community by making your models available as a web service”, attendees learned how to use the Jaqpot suite and python to go from data to model, starting from a common CSV file.

Jaqpot is a computational platform for in silico...

Keywords: nanoinformatics, toxicity prediction, e-tools, Modeling, data FAIRness

Enalos Nanoinformatics Cloud Platform: A Safe-by-Design Tool for Functionalised Nanomaterials

Online toxicity and protein binding of carbonic anhydrase (CA) predictions for decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are made available through Enalos Cloud Platform, which hosts a fully validated predictive model developed by NovaMechanics Ltd based only on the structure of the...

Keywords: nanoQSAR, nanomaterials

Nanoinformatics Model for Zeta Potential Prediction Powered by Enalos Cloud Platform

Online zeta potential predictions for nanoparticles (NPs) are made available through Enalos Cloud Platform, which hosts a fully validated predictive model developed by NovaMechanics Ltd based on a set of indicated properties.

The platform can be easily accessed, there is no need for...

Keywords: zeta potential, nanomaterials

NanoXtract: Nanomaterials Image Analysis Tool Powered by the Enalos Cloud Platform

The Enalos Cloud platform, developed by NovaMechanics Ltd, is an online, freely available toxicity and drug discovery platform, that hosts predictive models released as web services, which aim to address the need to reduce the time and cost spent on experimental testing during the drug discovery...

Operations: Image analysis

Keywords: Cloud Computing, nanomaterials

NanoCommons - Data Management in Nano Safety Research

Nanosafety research is rapidly transforming into a highly competitive and data-intensive field. Translational research, the introduction of nanoinformatics and the shift towards big data introduce the need for complex data capture, storage, handling, and analysis. This combination is called data...

Scientific topics: Data management

Resource type: Video

Adding nanomaterial data

This tutorial describes how nanomaterial data can be added to an eNanoMapper server using a RDF format.

Scientific topics: Database management, Toxicology

Keywords: ontologies, enanomapper, RDF

Resource type: Tutorial