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Karel Berka and Marian Novotný - Alphafoldology - Machine Learning revolution in structural biology

Karel Berka (PřF UPOL) and Marian Novotný (PřF UK) presents Alphafoldology - Machine Learning revolution in structural biology

An algorithm Alphafold has been named by Science journal a scientific breakthrough of the year 2021 - the Alphafold algorithm predicted 3D structures of proteins from...

Scientific topics: Structure prediction, Structural biology, Machine learning

Keywords: AlphaFold Database (13181), Alphafold, Structures (structures), protein-3D-structure, Machine learning

Training on integration of OpenID Connect services to ELIXIR AAI

The target group of the training is developers and administrators of services that want to integrate to ELIXIR AAI for user authentication and authorisation. The training has hands-on sessions for the participants to integrate their own service (or, a test service provided by the trainers) to...

Keywords: AAI, OpenID Connect, Authentication

Galaxy Proteomics workshop Prague 2018

Materials from the ELIXIR workshop “Galaxy Proteomics workshop Prague 2018”, Oct 4-5 2018 at the IOCB, Prague, Czech Republic

Scientific topics: Proteomics

Keywords: Galaxy, training, proteomics, eLearning, EeLP

Resource type: course materials, Training materials, Slides