Prokaryotic Phylogeny on the Fly: databases and tools for online taxonomic identification

PPF (Prokaryotic Phylogeny on the Fly) is an automated pipeline allowing to compute molecular phylogenies for prokarotic organisms. It is based on a set of specialized databases devoted to SSU rRNA, the most commonly used marker for bacterial txonomic identification. Those databases are splitted into different subsets using phylogenetic information. The procedure for computing a phylogeny is completely automated. Homologous sequence are first recruited through a BLAST search performed on a sequence (or a set of sequences). Then the homologous sequences detected are aligned using one of the multiple sequence alignment programs provided in the pipeline (MAFFT, MUSCLE or CLUSTALO). The alignment is then filtered using BMGE and a Maximum Likelihood (ML) tree is computed using the program FastTree. The tree can be rooted with an outgroup provided by the user and its leaves are coloured with a scheme related to the taxonomy of the sequences. The main advantage provided by PPF is that its databases are generated using a phylogeny-oriented procedure and and therefore much more efficient for phylogentic analyses that "generic" collections such as SILVA (in the case SSU rRNA) por GenBank. It is therefore much more suited to compute prokaryotic molecular phylogenies than related systems such as the online system. PPF can be accessed online at

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Keywords: metagenomics

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