Introduction to qualitative modelling with MaBoSS

Boolean modelling uses a simple representation of biological entities as either active or inactive, and describes their relations with logical formulas. MaBoSS extends Boolean modelling by adding a notion of continuous time, with the introduction of rates of (in)activation. This enable the representation of physical time, and of processes with different time scales. MaBoSS simulate multiple stochastic trajectories, and produces trajectories of the probabilities of the system state. This webinar will introduce the concepts of boolean modelling, and MaBoSS’ continuous time boolean modelling, and will then demonstrate the use of WebMaBoSS, a web interface designed for easily simulating MaBoSS models.

Keywords: HPC, Biomodelling, cell simulations, Boolean

Additional information

Target audience: Anyone interested in simulation of metabolic models, and in PerMedCoE tools and activities

Resource type: Webinar

Authors: Vincent Noel

Scientific topics: Simulation experiment, Personalised medicine, Molecular interactions, pathways and networks, Statistics and probability

Operations: Modelling and simulation

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