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  • Bioinformatics for Principal Investigators

    16 - 17 September 2019

    Cambridge, United Kingdom

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    Bioinformatics for Principal Investigators The aim of this workshop is to provide principal investigators with an introduction to the challenges of working with biological data and to the best practices, and tools, needed to perform bioinformatics research effectively and reproducibly. On day 1, we will cover the importance of experimental design, discuss the challenges associated with (i) the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (utilising RNA-seq as a working example) and (ii) the application of machine learning algorithms, as well as issues relating to reusability and reproducibility. On day 2, we will put into practice concepts from day 1, running a RNA-seq data analysis pipeline, going from raw reads through differential expression analysis and the interpretation of downstream analysis results. Challenges encountered at each step of the analytical pipeline will be discussed. Please note that day 2 is optional. The training room is located on the first floor and there is currently no wheelchair or level access available to this level. Please note that if you are not eligible for a University of Cambridge [Raven]( account you will need to book or register your interest by linking [here]('' 2019-09-16 08:30:00 UTC 2019-09-17 16:00:00 UTC University of Cambridge Craik-Marshall Building, Cambridge, United Kingdom Craik-Marshall Building Cambridge United Kingdom CB2 3AR Bioinformatics University of Cambridge Bioinformatics Training [] Principal Investigators from the University of CambridgeInstitutions and other external Institutionswho are using or planning to use bioinformatics in their research workshops_and_courses [] HDRUK
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