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Scientific topics: Enzymes 

  • 1st Hands-on Computational Enzyme Design Course

    2 - 5 February 2020

    Brno, Czechia

    1st Hands-on Computational Enzyme Design Course Do you need to engineer your protein of interest? Do you wish to employ user-friendly one-stop-shop software tools for the design of mutations and libraries, but do not want to spend time on tedious installations? This three-day interactive course will provide the essential theory and hands-on experience on a number of web-based tools suitable for enzyme mining and engineering activity, specificity, enantioselectivity, stability, and solubility. You will have the chance to discuss with the developers of these tools the optimal way to set-up calculations and adequately interpret the results. Special time will be devoted to the proteins of interest of the individual participants. At the end of this three-day course, you will be able to independently design proteins for your academic research or commercial application. Covered software: AutoDock, Blast, Caver, Caver Analyst, CaverDock, CaverWeb, CalFitter, EnzymeMiner, FireProt, HotSpot Wizard, Rosetta, Solubis, SoluProt, Yasara, and VMD. Our web tools integrate individual software, and altogether, you will get automated access to more than 50 computational methods and 15 databases. 2020-02-02 15:00:00 UTC 2020-02-05 21:00:00 UTC FNUSA, ELIXIR CZ Kamenice 5, 5, Kamenice, Brno, Czechia Kamenice 5, 5, Kamenice Brno Brno-město Czechia Structural biology Molecular modelling Enzymes [] [] postdocsPhD students 30 workshops_and_courses first_come_first_served []
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