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  • Managing your Research Data (Online)

    3 December 2021

    Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Elixir node event
    Managing your Research Data (Online) PLEASE NOTE The Bioinformatics Team are presently teaching as many courses live online, with tutors to assist you with instant and personalised feedback and to help you to run/execute the scripts which we will be using during the course. We continue to monitor advice from the UK government and the University of Cambridge on resuming in-person teaching back in the training room. How much data would you lose if your laptop was stolen? Have you ever emailed your colleague a file named 'final_final_versionEDITED'? Have you ever struggled to import your spreadsheets into R? Would you be able to write a Data Management Plan as part of a grant proposal? As a researcher, you will encounter research data in many forms, ranging from measurements, numbers and images to documents and publications. Whether you create, receive or collect data, you will certainly need to organise it at some stage of your project. This workshop will provide an overview of some basic principles on how we can work with data more effectively. We will discuss the best practices for research data management and organisation so that our research is auditable and reproducible by ourselves, and others, in the future. Course materials are available [here]( This event is part of a series of training courses organized in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Core Facility at [CRUK Cambridge Institute]( Please note that if you are not eligible for a University of Cambridge [Raven]( account you will need to book or register your interest by linking [here]('' 2021-12-03 10:00:00 UTC 2021-12-03 16:00:00 UTC University of Cambridge Craik-Marshall Building, Cambridge, United Kingdom Craik-Marshall Building Cambridge United Kingdom CB2 3AR Bioinformatics University of Cambridge Bioinformatics Training [] Graduate studentsPostdocs and Staff members from the University of CambridgeInstitutions and other external Institutions or individuals workshops_and_courses [] HDRUK

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