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  • GTN Smörgåsbord 2022: Tapas

    14 - 18 March 2022

    GTN Smörgåsbord 2022: Tapas Following the overwhelming success of the GTN Smörgåsbord, where we hosted the largest-ever Galaxy training event, we're happy to announce Smörgåsbord 2! A second event with *even more Galaxy Training* We expect to cover all of the same tracks as previous, with the addition of several new modules: - Intro to Galaxy - NGS - RNA-Seq - Single Cell - Proteomics - **New**: SARS-CoV-2 Genomics - **New**: Galaxy Admin Training As before, it will be a global 5-day [Galaxy]( Training event showcasing a wide variety of [Galaxy Training Network tutorials]( This will be an **online** event, spanning **all time zones**. All training sessions are pre-recorded, so you can work through them **at your own pace**, and manage your own time. A large community of GTN trainers will be available via **online support** to answer all your questions. 2022-03-14 09:00:00 UTC 2022-03-18 23:00:00 UTC the Gallantries & Galaxy GOAT Working Group Online Online Erasmus MC, [] [] workshops_and_courses [] []

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