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  • Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects - Bergen

    21 - 22 April 2021

    Elixir node event
    Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects - Bergen We are pleased to announce the Data Management planning workshop for Life Scientists in Bergen by [ELIXIR Norway](, [Digital Life Norway]( and the [UiB University Library Research Data team]( The intended audience are researchers (PhD candidates, Post Doctoral Fellows, Researchers, Associate Professors and Professors) that are planning to submit a grant application for a research project. Maximum number of participants: 40. Looking forward to see you at the workshop, [Kjersti Hasle Enerstvedt]( (UiB University Library Research Data team), [Jenny Ostrop]( (UiB University Library Research Data team),  [Tore Linde]( (SAFE/UiB IT divison),  [Siri Kallhovd]( (UiB/Metacenter/ELIXIR-Norway), [Korbinian Bösl]( (UiB/ELIXIR-Norway/Centre for Digital Life Norway) and others (TBA) ### 21.04.2021 0900 - 0915 Introduction 0915 - 0945 Requirements from institutions & funding bodies UiB H2020/ERC Research Council Norway 0945 - 1015 Information on national and local storage infrastructures UiB Storage resources NeLS/StoreBioInfo SAFE NIRD TSD 1015 - 1030 Short break 1030 - 1230 Relevant deposition repositories/ data archives domain specific archives (ELIXIR/EMBL-EBI, NCBI) UiB Open Research Data/Dataverse NO NIRD archive NSD B2SHARE ### 22.04.2021 0900 - 1000 Key legal requirements for research in the GDPR and Health research act Personal Data Act Health Research Act 1000 - 1015 Short break 1015 - 1045 Licensing of data, biological material and software 1045 - 1300 Hands on training and assistance to generate a data management plan ### Requirements: Join us online and bring your research project if you have one. You will get the opportunity to set up a data management plan for your project with help of the [Data Stewardship Wizard]( tool using a structured and detailed questionnaire with references to relevant resources. Register [here]( before 18th of April 2021 [This event on]( 2021-04-21 09:00:00 UTC 2021-04-22 13:00:00 UTC Korbinian Bösl Data management University of Bergen Centre for Digital Life Norway All postgraduatesPhD studentsPost DocsResearchersProfessors 40 workshops_and_courses first_come_first_served Data management planningDMPData management plan

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