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  • UK Conference of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 2020

    29 - 30 September 2020

    UK Conference of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 2020 The UK-CBCB conference is designed to bring together biologists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, software engineers and data scientists across the life sciences to share innovations, applications and best practice in their fields. The conference will be applicable to bioinformatics researchers working on core services or in research teams as well as computer scientists or bioinformaticians developing tools or maintaining data resources. 2020-09-29 09:00:00 UTC 2020-09-30 17:00:00 UTC Earlham Institute Data management Bioinformatics Metabolomics Earlham Institute [] [] meetings_and_conferences registration_of_interest Bioinformaticslife sciencesMetabolomicsSingle Cell GenomicsMicrobial evolution
  • Introduction to high-performance computing

    27 - 28 January 2022

    Elixir node event
    Introduction to high-performance computing ELIXIR Slovenia and HPC Carpentry invite you to attend a two-day course **Introduction to high-performance computing**. The event will take place on **Thursday, January 27 (9:30 - 16:30 CET), and on Friday, January 28 (9:30-15:00 CET)**. Participation in the course is possible either in a **classroom in Ljubljana (Faculty of Medicine) or remotely**. The course teacher will be **Alan O’Cais** from HPC Carpentry. Please fill in a [registration form]( if you would like to attend the course. You can find more info about the course in a [course summary]( on **ELIXIR-SI eLearning Platform (EeLP)**. 2022-01-27 09:30:00 UTC 2022-01-28 15:00:00 UTC ELIXIR Slovenia Computer science University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine HPC Carpentry Life Science ResearchersPhD studentsUndergraduate students 20 workshops_and_courses registration_of_interest high-performance computinglife sciencesEeLPeLearningcarpentry

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