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  • Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects - Ås

    9 - 10 March 2021

    Elixir node event
    Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects - Ås We are pleased to announce the Data Management planning workshop for Life Scientists organised in Ås by ELIXIR Norway, Digital Life Norway and the NMBU Research Support Office. The intended audience are researchers (PhD candidates, Post Doctoral Fellows, Researchers, Associate Professors and Professors) that are planning to submit a grant application for a research project. Max. number of participants is 35. How-to generate a data management plan for a Life Science research project that will meet the requirements of the funding organisations? Looking forward to see you at the workshop, Solveig Fossum-Raunehaug (NMBU Research Support Office) and Korbinian Bösl (UiB/ELIXIR-Norway/Centre for Digital Life Norway) 09.03.2021 0900 - 0915 Introduction 0915 - 0945 Requirements from institutions & funding bodies NMBU H2020/ERC Research Council Norway 0945 - 1015 Information on national and local storage infrastructures NMBU Storage resources NeLS/StoreBioInfo NIRD TSD 1015 - 1030 Short break 1030 - 1230 Relevant deposition repositories/ data archives domain specific archives (ELIXIR/EMBL-EBI, NCBI) NMBU Open Research Data/Dataverse NO NIRD archive NSD 10.03.2021 0900 - 1000 Key legal requirements for research in the GDPR and Health research act Personal Data Act Health Research Act 1000 - 1015 Short break 1015 - 1045 Licensing of data, biological material and software 1045 - 1300 Hands on training and assistance to generate a data management plan Requirements: Join us online and bring your research project if you have one. You will get the opportunity to set up a data management plan for your project with help of the Data Steward Wizard tool using a structured and detailed questionnaire with references to relevant resources. Register before 2nd of March 2021 2021-03-09 09:00:00 UTC 2021-03-10 13:00:00 UTC ELIXIR Norway, Centre for Digital Life Norway and NMBU Research Support Office Data management Data security Data submission, annotation and curation Norwegian University of Life Sciences Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) PhD studentsPost DocsProfessorsAll postgraduates 35 workshops_and_courses first_come_first_served DMPData management plan
  • Using containers in bioinformatics

    25 - 26 March 2021

    Using containers in bioinformatics Are you wondering how your research could benefit from workflow containerisation? Containers enable you to package up an application and its dependencies and encourage reproducibility, portability and shareability of computational workflows. This workshop explores the merits, advantages and limitations of applying containers in bioinformatics. During the workshop you will: - learn and practice the basics of building, deploying and running applications in containers - explore real use cases related to biology - discuss tips and best practices, and have your questions answered. This workshop will be delivered online through a combination of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on interactive exercises supported by containers experts. On day 1 you will learn new skills through undertaking practical exercises and on day 2 you can bring your own pipeline to get advice and tips in a small group setting. **Learning outcomes** By the end of the workshop you should be able to: - Identify when you would benefit from using containers in your workflow - Download container images and run commands from inside a container using Singularity - Identify popular image registries - Discuss the pros & cons of building with Singularity vs Docker - Describe the basic syntax of a Dockerfile - Build and share an image with Docker - Convert a Docker image into the Singularity format **Lead trainer:** TBC **Date/time:** 12:30pm - 4:00pm AEDT/ 11:30am - 3:00pm AEST/ 12:00pm - 3:30pm ACDT / 9:30am - 1:00pm AWST Thursday 25 - Friday 26 March 2021 **Who the workshop is for** Basic familiarity with UNIX shell concepts and command line interactions are required. Participants do not need any previous experience with containers. This workshop is open to staff and students from Australian universities and research institutes. **How to apply** The workshop is free but participation is subject to application with selection. Please note that applications that do not nominate an Australian institute and do not provide an appropriate institutional email address will not be able to take part. Applications will be reviewed by the organising committee and all applicants will be informed of the status of their application (successful, waiting list, unsuccessful) by Friday 19 March 2021. Participants will be provided with a Zoom meeting link closer to the date. Please complete the application form if you are interested in attending this workshop. **Applications close 5pm AEDT Monday 15 March 2021.** [Apply here]( The workshop is presented by the [Australian BioCommons]( and [Pawsey Supercomputing Centre]( with the assistance of a network of facilitators from the national [Bioinformatics Training Cooperative]( This event is part of a series of [bioinformatics training events]( If you'd like to hear when registrations open for other events, please [subscribe]( to Australian BioCommons. 2021-03-25 12:30:00 UTC 2021-03-26 16:00:00 UTC Australian BioCommons Australia, Australia Australia Australia Australian Biocommons Melissa Burke: [] [] 30 workshops_and_courses registration_of_interest WorkflowsContainers

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