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  • "Ready for BioData Management?" Data Stewardship program for the life sciences

    21 February - 31 October 2022

    Oeiras, Portugal

    "Ready for BioData Management?" Data Stewardship program for the life sciences | ELIXIR Portugal, in collaboration with several other organizations has designed a program to train the first generation of Data Stewards for the life sciences, to support the implementation of data management, open science and FAIR data principles in Portuguese R&I organizations. It will unfold from February to October 2022, allowing trainees get some practice and consolidate the acquired knowledge. It will comprise an introductory module covering the basic concepts of Data Stewardship followed by two assignments and end with a hands-on course for knowledge consolidation. 2022-02-21 09:00:00 UTC 2022-10-31 17:00:00 UTC | ELIXIR Portugal Online and F2F (See details in training documentation), Oeiras, Portugal Online and F2F (See details in training documentation) Oeiras Portugal FAIR data Data submission, annotation, and curation Bioinformatics Data management - Elixir's portuguese node of the european projec ELIXIR Life Science Researchers 24 workshops_and_courses registration_of_interest data managementData management plandata stewardshipdata annotationlife sciencestraining
  • CPANG22 - Computational Pangenomics

    23 - 27 May 2022

    Oeiras, Portugal

    Elixir node event
    CPANG22 - Computational Pangenomics 2022-05-23 09:30:00 UTC 2022-05-27 18:00:00 UTC Pedro Fernandes Oeiras, Portugal Oeiras Portugal 2780-156 Genomics Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência Oeiras Valley Bioinformaticians and wet-lab biologists who can program in Perl. 20 workshops_and_courses registration_of_interest Computational Pangenomics
  • Developing ELIXIR's Future Programme

    6 June 2022


    Developing ELIXIR's Future Programme ELIXIR is currently developing it’s Scientific Programme for 2024-2028. Over the last year we have had a number of working groups looking at life-science data challenges and how we think ELIXIR can support data intensive research. But we also want to have a open, pubic debate about opportunities, challenges and priorities for the European life-science data infrastructure. We are therefore organising a high-level workshop in Brussels and invite senior representatives from different research communities to give their perspective on the future.  We foresee a format with a series of short presentations (10 minutes) from our high-level panelists that will give inspiration to round-table discussions between the all the workshop participants - each table will then make some recommendations at the end of the debate.  2022-06-06 08:30:00 UTC 2022-06-06 08:30:00 UTC Belgium Belgium [] [] [] [] [] []

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