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  • An Introduction to ChIP-seq Data Analysis

    16 July 2019

    Hamburg, Germany

    An Introduction to ChIP-seq Data Analysis Educators: Malik Alawi (UKE), Ceren Saygi (UKE) (External Partner) Date: 16th July 2019 Location: Center for Bioinformatics Hamburg, Bundesstrasse 43, 20146 Hamburg, Room 18 Contents: - Short introduction to ChIP and sequencing - Quality assessment and control of sequence reads - Aligning reads to a reference assembly (mapping) - Peak calling - Associating peaks with genes and other genomic features (peak annotation) - Visualization - Motif detection Learning goals: Hands-on exercises performed during this one-day workshop will enable participants to perform ChIP-seq data analyses on the Linux command line. Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the Linux command line and the (biological) ChIP-seq method are required to attend this course. Keywords: Chip-seq, Chipseq Tools: Fastqc, trimmomatic, bowtie, macs2, homer, igv 2019-07-16 09:00:00 UTC 2019-07-16 17:00:00 UTC de.NBI Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Hamburg Hamburg Germany [] [] [] workshops_and_courses [] []
  • Protein Structure Fundamentals: Searching – Analyzing – Modeling

    23 - 24 September 2019

    Hamburg, Germany

    Protein Structure Fundamentals: Searching – Analyzing – Modeling Educators: Eva Nittinger (BioData), Matthias Rarey (BioData), Ida Schomburg (BioData), Greg Landrum (CIBI) Date: 23./24.09.2019 Location: Universität Hamburg, ZBH – Center for Bioinformatics, Bundesstr. 43, 20146 Hamburg Contents: In this workshop, you will get to know a combination of tools and webservices for searching and analyzing protein structure data. The focus will be on protein function and related interactions to small molecules. We will work with two web- and two software platforms: BRENDA, the database for enzyme structures will be used to gather information about enzyme structures. The ProteinsPlus web service contains a diverse range of software solution for the analysis of protein structures and its application in molecular modeling approaches. NAOMI ChemBio Suite contains desktop software for cheminformatics and advanced modeling. KNIME offers diverse options for the analysis of biological data and the generation of analytical workflows. Learning goals: This course is designed for life and computer scientists with interest in protein structures, but only very basic experience. Topics include: Finding and selecting protein structure data, evaluating the quality of experimental data, preprocessing structure data for modeling, first modeling steps like the analysis of binding site properties and conformational flexibility. Furthermore, we will introduce basic Cheminformatics tools. Usage of ProteinsPlus, BRENDA, NAOMI ChemBio Suite, and KNIME; all software introduced is available for free for academic use. Prerequisites: General knowledge of proteins and their role in life sciences Keywords: Protein structures, protein-ligand interactions, molecular modeling, structure-to-function relationships, cheminformatics, ProteinsPlus, BRENDA, EnzymeStructures, KNIME Tools: ProteinsPlus, BRENDA, NAOMI ChemBio Suite, KNIME 2019-09-23 09:00:00 UTC 2019-09-24 17:00:00 UTC de.NBI Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Hamburg Hamburg Germany [] [] [] workshops_and_courses [] []

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