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  • RNA-Seq using R

    28 September 2015

    Melbourne, Australia

    RNA-Seq using R The Monash Bioinformatics Platform want to help make introductory bioinformatic approaches part of the research landscape in Biomedicine. To do this, a foundation level of expertise amongst as many researchers as possible is an important step forward. The platform will then be available to facilitate this work as well as develop more advanced bioinformatic projects with our researchers. We are running a two day hands-on workshop with a focus on enabling researchers to be able to analyse RNASeq (next-gen sequencing) data. Day 1, we will begin by teaching an introduction to programming using the R language. Day 2 will focus on using this knowledge to perform bioinformatic data analysis of some RNASeq data. Day one (Programming in R) is optional, for those well-versed in the R programming language, or programming in general. The workshop will be taught in a similar style to Software Carpentry workshops. Software Carpentry's mission is to help scientists and engineers get more research done in less time and with less pain by teaching them basic lab skills for scientific computing. For more information on what we teach and why, please see our paper "Best Practices for Scientific Computing". Who: The course is aimed at graduate students and other researchers. 2015-09-28 09:00:00 UTC 2015-09-28 00:00:00 UTC Monash Bioinformatics Platform, Melbourne, Australia Monash Bioinformatics Platform Melbourne Australia Computer science Biomedical science Software engineering Computational biology RNA-Seq [] [] [] workshops_and_courses [] ABRBioinformaticsComputationalBiology
  • Intro to Python

    31 March 2016

    Melbourne, Australia

    Intro to Python Intro to Python 2016-03-31 09:00:00 UTC 2016-03-31 00:00:00 UTC Monash University Monash Bioinformatics Platform, Melbourne, Australia Monash Bioinformatics Platform Melbourne Australia Computer science Biomedical science Software engineering [] [] [] workshops_and_courses [] ABRBioinformatics
  • 3D Slicer for Beginners

    4 July - 5 June 2016

    Melbourne, Australia

    3D Slicer for Beginners 3D Slicer- medical image processing open source software package. No prior knowledge required. 2016-07-04 09:00:00 UTC 2016-06-05 00:00:00 UTC University of Melbourne University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia University of Melbourne Melbourne Australia Computer science Medical imaging Data visualisation [] [] [] workshops_and_courses [] ABR
  • Introduction to the GVL and Galaxy

    7 November 2016

    Melbourne, Australia

    Introduction to the GVL and Galaxy Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational biomedical research. It allows users without programming experience to easily specify parameters and run individual tools as well as larger workflows. It also captures run information so that any user can repeat and understand a complete computational analysis. This beginners workshop hosted by VLSCI will introduce Galaxy's interface, tool use, histories, and workflows and get new users of the Genomics Virtual Laboratory up and running. This is a hands-on workshop and attendees should bring their own laptops. 2016-11-07 09:00:00 UTC 2016-11-07 00:00:00 UTC VLSCI - University of Melbourne Lab-14, Melbourne, Australia Lab-14 Melbourne Australia Bioinformatics Biomedical science Genomics [] [] [] workshops_and_courses [] ABRVLSCIBioinformatics
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