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  • Next-Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis: Tools & Technologies

    15 - 16 June 2015

    GENT, Belgium

    Next-Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis: Tools & Technologies 2015-06-15 01:00:00 UTC 2015-06-16 01:00:00 UTC GENT, Belgium GENT Belgium Proteomics [] [] [] meetings_and_conferences [] []
  • Basic statistics in R

    11 - 18 March 2019

    GENT, Belgium

    Elixir node event
    Basic statistics in R b'\n\nGet an idea of what R and Rstudio is\r\nUse R to handle data: creating, reading, reformatting and writing data\r\nUse R to create graphics\r\nUse basic statistical techniques in R : normality tests, t-tests, wilcoxon tests, chi square tests, correlations, survival analysis...\r\nWrite and use R scripts\n\r\n\r\n\n \nThis training gives an introduction to the use of the statistical software language R. R is a language for data analysis and graphics. This introduction to R is aimed at beginners. The training covers data handling, graphics, and basic statistical techniques. \r\nR is for free and for more information you can visit the site the CRAN web site.This\r\n training is an introduction to the use of R and RStudio and stops at very basic \r\nanalyses (t-tests and non-parametric equivalents). A full overview of statistical analyses in R including regression, \r\nANOVA will be given in the follow-up training Basic statistics in R, part II.\n\r\n \r\nRequirements\r\nThe training is intended for people who have no experience with R. However, understanding of basic statistical concepts is required, such as data types, normal distribution, descriptive statistics, tests for comparing groups... If you don\'t have sufficient statistical background you are strongly encouraged to attend the Basic statistics theory training. \r\nThis training is recommended for people with no experience in R who are planning to follow a training that requires some R background, like the mass spectrometry training, the single cell RNA-Seq and the bulk RNA-Seq training....\n\r\n\n' 2019-03-11 09:30:00 UTC 2019-03-18 17:00:00 UTC VIB Bioinformatics Core Clemenspoort, GENT, Belgium Clemenspoort GENT Belgium 9000 [] [] [] [] [] []

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