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  • Biological data analysis using the InterMine API

    19 June 2019

    Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Elixir node event
    Biological data analysis using the InterMine API [InterMine]( is a freely available data integration and analysis system that has been used to create a suite of databases for the analysis of large and complex biological data sets. InterMine-based data analysis platforms are available for many organisms including mouse, rat, budding yeast, plants, nematodes, fly, zebrafish and more recently human. See [here]( for a comprehensive list of InterMine databases. Genomic and proteomic data within InterMine databases includes pathways, gene expression, interactions, sequence variants, GWAS, regulatory data and protein expression. InterMine provides sophisticated query and visualisation tools both through a web interface and an extensive API; this course will focus on programmatic access to InterMine through its API and on running InterMine searches using Python, Perl and R scripts. The exercises will mainly use the fly, human and mouse databases, but the course is applicable to anyone working with data for which an InterMine database is available. This event is organised alongside a half day course on Biological data analysis using the InterMine User Interface. More information on this event are available [ here]. The training room is located on the first floor and there is currently no wheelchair or level access available to this level. Please note that if you are not eligible for a University of Cambridge [Raven]( account you will need to Book or register Interest by linking [here]('' 2019-06-19 12:30:00 UTC 2019-06-19 15:30:00 UTC University of Cambridge Craik-Marshall Building, Cambridge, United Kingdom Craik-Marshall Building Cambridge United Kingdom CB2 3AR University of Cambridge Bioinformatics Training [] The course is suitable for anyone wanting to know how the InterMine API works and how accessing InterMine data programmatically could help them in their researchGraduate studentsPostdocs and Staff members from the University of CambridgeInstitutions and other external Institutions or individuals workshops_and_courses [] HDRUK
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