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  • RNA-seq and single cell RNA-seq Course

    9 - 13 March 2020

    Torino, Italy

    RNA-seq and single cell RNA-seq Course This course aims to provide participants with theoretical and practical knowledge on how to perform bioinformatic analyses of RNA-seq data using Bioconductor and other open-source software tools. A specific module will briefly describe the single-cell RNA-seq workflow, highlighting differences existing between bulk RNA-seq and single-cell sequencing. The course is suitable for life science researchers who are new to NGS technology, and no statistics prerequisites or computing experience are necessary for attending the course. 2020-03-09 09:30:00 UTC 2020-03-13 14:30:00 UTC Raffaele Calogero, Marco Beccuti, Loredana Le Pera, Allegra Via Via Nizza, 52, Torino, Italy Via Nizza, 52 Torino Città Metropolitana di Torino Italy 10126 Sequencing RNA-Seq [], [] [] 20 workshops_and_courses [] []
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