Date: 17 October 2023

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How can you pitch your research?

Learn how to pitch your research to a lay audience in a clear and compelling way and have it recorded in a professional 3-minute video!

Did you know that, along with you, nearly 10.000 junior researchers are conducting a doctoral or postdoctoral study in Flanders at the moment? While these researches find their way to colleagues in academia through scientific publications and conferences, only a small amount is brought to the attention of the general public.

SciMingo, organizer of the yearly Ph.D. Cup, wants to teach you how to get non-experts excited about your research ànd help you to convey insights into the doctoral research you are (or have been) working on for years to the general public! Not through an academic lecture, but told as a compelling and comprehensible story for non-peers. A daylong workshop on presentation techniques will help you rise up to the challenge: explain the core of your Ph.D. research in a clear and convincing 3-minute pitch. Each participant will receive a copy of the book “The Floor Is Yours”.

And that’s not all: the participants will have their “Ph.D. pitch” recorded and published online. Video recordings will take place ca. four weeks after the workshop, allowing the selected researchers to develop and tweak their presentation.

Keywords: communication skills

Venue: Brussels - SciMingo Office, Leopoldstraat 6

City: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Postcode: 1000

Event types:

  • Workshops and courses

Sponsors: SciComm Academy

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