Date: 24 October 2023

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Science deserves a stage!

Are you giving a presentation on Dag van de Wetenschap (Science Day), for stakeholders, for schools, or for colleagues? Are you already stressing in advance? Or do you want just that little bit more? Then, this workshop can teach you what a good story looks like on stage, how to interact with your audience, and above all: practice!

During a one-day physical workshop (24 October), Ben Verhoeven will teach you all the secrets of an impactful presentation. How do you grab your audience's attention? How do you stand confidently on stage? Among other things, Ben uses techniques from improvisational theatre so you learn to interact smoothly with your audience.

You then work independently on your presentation (10 to 40 minutes), with or without slides, and practice the first few minutes.

But you are not alone: you can review the most important lessons online and watch some fascinating examples.

And then it's for real. Or almost! In a small group, you will return for half a day on Tuesday 21 November to try out your presentation. You will lift each other to a higher level and get the latest tips and concrete feedback from Ben.

Keywords: communication skills

Venue: Brussels - SciMingo Office, Leopoldstraat 6

City: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Postcode: 1000

Event types:

  • Workshops and courses

Sponsors: SciComm Academy

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